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Aurora IAS Academy is the only coaching institute in India that is aimed at bringing holistic development of individual student. Comprised of passionate and like-minded individuals, these highly accomplished team members on a mission to teach and mentor UPSC aspirants and in the process nurture and create the next generation of Civil Servants.


Commitment to offer value based education and enhancement of administrative skills. Continuous assessment of teaching and learning processes through scholarly activities. Ensuring the academic process to uphold culture, ethics and social responsibility.


our vision is to be the beacon of excellence in nurturing India's future administrative leaders. We are committed to empowering aspirants with the knowledge, skills, and ethics needed to excel in the prestigious Indian Administrative Service.


Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, Service to Society, Leadership, Public Welfare, Continuous Learning, Inclusivity, Accountability, Adaptability, Social Responsibility, National Pride

Dr. Dasari. Sreenivasulu

IAS (Rtd.), (formerly Prl Secretary to Govt of A.P), Honorary Advisor

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